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Tyranid Carnifex Brood

MSRP: £55.00
(You save £5.50 )
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The Carnifex Brood is a Heavy Support choice for Tyranids. Whats better than one Carnifex, 2 Carnifex's. Double the power with this great value set. This fantastic value set contains 2 Carnifexes which you can assemble in a variety of poses and multiple weapon options. Each Carnifex comes with two pairs of scything talons; a pair of crushing claws; deathspitter; devourer; stranglethorn cannon; and heavy venom cannon. There are 5 alternate heads and the tail has the choice of thresher scythe or bone mace. You can even make the legendary Carnifex ‘Old One Eye’ should you wish. Supplied new and sealed in box, unassembled and unpainted.