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Citadel Ultimate Project Painting Set 2018

MSRP: £175.00
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60-16 (New)

A set of 3 Citadel tools:

Fine Detail Cutters – used to clip plastic components from their frames; Mouldline Remover – used to scrape away mouldlines from clipped components, making them ready for undercoating; Painting Handle – attach your models to this spring-loaded handle and avoid cramps, find the perfect painting angle and access every fiddly bit of your miniatures.

3 x high-quality Citadel brushes:

Layer M Base M Shade M

9 x 24ml Shade paints:

Nuln Oil Drakenhof Nightshade Biel-Tan Green Reikland Fleshshade Carroburg Crimson Agrax Earthshade Seraphim Sepia Casandora Yellow Druchii Violet

12 x 12ml Base paints:

Leadbelcher Macragge Blue Waaagh! Flesh Bugman’s Glow Mephiston Red Mournfang Brown Abaddon Black Ceramite White Zandri Dust Averland Sunset Retributor Armour Caliban Green

26 x 12ml Layer paints:

Ironbreaker Altdorf Guard Blue Warboss Green Cadian Fleshtone Evil Sunz Scarlet Skragg Brown Eshin Grey Ulthuan Grey Ushabti Bone Yriel Yellow Auric Armour Gold Warpstone Glow Runefang Steel Calgar Blue Skarsnik Green Kislev Flesh Wildrider Red Deathclaw Brown Dawnstone White Scar Screaming Skull Flash Gitz Yellow Liberator Gold Moot Green Xereus Purple Genestealer Purple

2 x 24ml Texture paints

Stirland Mud Agrellan Earth

2 x 12ml Technical paints

Blood for the Blood God Lahmian Medium

2 x Dry paints:

Necron Compound Tyrant Skull