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Feldherr - Foam tray for Star Wars X-WING VT-49 Decimator

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Especially for the Star Wars X-WING VT-49 Decimator tailored foam tray. In this contribution not only to the VT-49 Decimator takes place safely, but also the accessories, such as bases, tokens, stand and there is still room for X-Wing space ships like the HWK-290, Tie Fighter and others.

1 compartment for Star Wars X-Wing VT-49 Decimator
1 compartment for 2 Bases, ship card and large playing cards
2 compartments for small game cards or 2 more ships with installed base
2 compartments for tokens / markers or each another spaceship with installed base
fits in all Feldherr bags, backpacks and cases!
Dimension Feldherr Half-Size (HS) Foam Trays: 275 mm x 172 mm x 50 mm.