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Decree of Ruin War Pack - Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Expansion 7

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The Planetfall cycle ushers in a new era of war by increasing the importance of the type symbols displayed on each planet. Claiming three planets that share a common type symbol has always been a victory condition for Conquest, but these type symbols represent different resources and appeal to different factions. Some have come to the Traxis sector searching for vital materials, others wish to establish new strongpoints from which to repel enemy forces, and still others hunt for ancient relics of unparalleled power.

With the new cards offered by the Planetfall cycle, your units can gain powerful new abilities and grow stronger when you fight on planets that support your faction’s overall goals. For example, the Astra Militarum is predominantly interested in finding new strongholds to use in the war against xenos and Chaos, so they naturally gravitate towards the green strongpoint type symbol. Dark Eldar, on the other hand, prefer to take slaves from the planets they attack, so they more motivated to conquer planets with the red material type symbol.

Alongside these new mechanics, the Planetfall cycle continues to expand the play styles available to each faction by introducing new warlords. Each faction, including the Tyranids faction introduced in The Great Devourer, receives a warlord that offers a new style of play. Among the warlords in this cycle, you’ll find a warrior of Khorne, a Black Templars chaplain, an Eldar autarch, and more. In addition to a new warlord, each faction receives new units, supports, attachments, and events to expand their claim over the Traxis sector.