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Deadzone - 2nd Edition Starter Set

MSRP: £49.99
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This set contains everything you need to play:

Hardback Rulebook
Battlefield Mat
Game tokens
8-sided Dice
Command Dice
Battlezones Scenery
Accessories & Connectors
Enforcer Strike Team (see below for details)
Forge Father Strike Team (see below for details)

Enforcer Strike Team in Hard Plastic:
5 x Enforcer models including parts for:
Assault and Rifle options
Burst Laser
5 x Pathfinder models including parts for:
Sniper Rifle
Optional accessories
D.O.G. Drone Support Weapon

Forge Father Strike Team in Hard Plastic:
10 x Steel Warrior models including parts for:
Stormrage Veterans and Rekkhyrr
Hailstorm Autocannon
Magma Cannon
Dragonbreath Flamer
Mjolnir Missile Launcher options
Huscarl upgrade

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.