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D&D: Martial Powers & Races Spellbook Cards

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D&D spell book card decks contain all the magic spells available to your class for all your heroes allowing you for quick reference.

This pack contains 40 durable, laminated cards, including 16 Beastmaster maneuvers, 3 Totem Barbarian abilities, 8 blank cards for Bard's magical secrets and all the spell-like racial abilities for the Drow, High Elf, tiefling, Forest Gnome and Genasi subraces. This is a fantastic essential for any D&D player who wishes to take up the role of an adventurer and needs a quick, easy tool to organise their abilities or spell book.

This deck contains 61 cards for Spell-like Racial abilities, including the races from Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Spell-like Barbarian abilites, fighter Maneuvers and Spell-like Monk abilites.