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AV Vallejo Model Air Set - Basic Colors (16)

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This set contains 16 basic airbrush colours from the Model Air acrylic paint range produced by Vallejo Acrylics. It has been designed as a basic starter set for airbrushes and contains your basic popular colours

Contains: 16x 17ml paints.

VAL 71001 White
VAL 71002 Yellow
VAL 71003 Scarlet Red
VAL 71004 Blue
VAL 71005 Intermediate Blue
VAL 71007 Olive Green
VAL 71008 Pale Blue
VAL 71013 Yellow Olive
VAL 71027 Light Brown
VAL 71031 Middle Stone
VAL 71033 Yellow Ochre
VAL 71036 Mahagony
VAL 71037 Mud Brown
VAL 71040 Burnt Umber
VAL 71050 Light Grey
VAL 71057 Black