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Anvil Industry - Afterlife - Republic - Starter Set

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This product is the Pan-Continental Republic Faction Starter Set, a great way to get a Republic force and everything you need to start playing games of Afterlife.

The Set contains -

14 highly detailed resin miniatures (4 Pulse-Mech's, 6 Commandos, Taurus Tractor with Minigun, 5 Commando Assault Specialists with breaching equipment)
10 x Republic Activation Markers (3D Unity Council Logo, made with coloured resin)
30 x double sided card tokens for use in the game (Hidden/Suppressed, Smoke/Electronic Warfare, Objectives)
6 x D10 dice (4 white, 1 red, 1 black)
Premium eggshell foam box, which is used for shipping the product, and can then be reused as an excellent storage/transportation case, with enough room for all the figures once assembled.