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All Wings London Regional Crait Assault: Holo-Simulator Mat!

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All Wings Regional Mat

At Warboar We are proud to be hosting the UK's largest Regional event, we have pushed beyond our limites and  designed a special edition gaming Mat made by the extremely talented All Wings team for the event.

This Mat commemorates the largest held regional in the UK and the first regional to have flights.

This mat will be available in limited numbers to guests of the regional and for those of you that cannot make it but would still like one to fight your own battles over. 

Here is what the All Wings team say regarding the mat below. 

"Here at AllWings, we're all about bringing the universe to life on the tabletop. So far, that’s involved takes on our favourite cards...

Now, we're super excited to share our Crait Assault: Holo-Simulator mat!

Based on the flickering tabletop holo-projector screens many of you seasoned generals will be familiar with, we present the fraught assault on Crait from the perspective of frigate-captains: monitoring the ebb and flow of combat from above.

From priority nodes to enemy positions, defensive cannon to iconic rocky trenches; we've designed the little details on this mat to bring your matches to life from a totally new perspective."

Look out for it too on the Regional stream, as pilots playing on the top table will be contributing to the tide of battle over the surface of Crait! 


The mat is a 3'x3' Neoprene style gaming mat designed to be used for space battles including those for the X-Wing universe.