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Star Wars: The Card Game

In Star Wars: The Card Game, light side and dark side players duel for the fate of the galaxy. While the light side player races to make tactical strikes against dark side objectives, the dark side player works to reinforce his position of command.

Throughout the game, the dark side works to snuff out the last remnants of opposition and secure total control of the galaxy. This is represented by advancing the game’s Death Star dial.The dark side advances the dial at the beginning of each of its turns and can accelerate its advancement by launching successful attacks against the light side. If the dial advances to “12,” the dark side wins. Given enough time, the dark side player will discover the last remnants of the light side’s resistance and wipe them out of the galaxy with a final, commanding gesture.

Thus, just like in the movies, time is always running out for the light side, and its heroes must find the means to strike quickly and for maximum damage. The light side player wins by destroying three dark side objectives, cards that represent a player’s missions or strategies. However, destroying an opponent’s objective requires getting sufficient firepower past Imperial defenses.

Most of this firepower comes from unit cards, representing the characters, creatures, droids, vehicles, and starships that players may use to strike against their opponents. Enhancements like skills, weapons, and other items make your units more effective in battle, while other enhancements like locations can allow you to expand your play area and accelerate your strategy. The faster you can accelerate your strategy, the faster you can launch massive starships like Home One or Devastator.

Meanwhile, it pays to carry some tricks up your sleeve (or hidden in your armor), and events represent the unexpected developments of the battlefield – daring maneuvers, special powers, disasters, traps, and other sudden effects.